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Avoid Winter Ailments

Yes it’s that time of year again. A time for families, memories, holiday cheer, sniffles and sneezes. Well most of those things are what many of us look forward to each year. So how can we avoid these common winter ailments so we can get the most out of our winter holiday festivities? Here are […]

Are Custom Orthotics Worth the Price?

Many people have reservations buying custom orthotics when they can purchase an inexpensive insole from the local drug store. I thought I’d talk about the available options, and the differences between the two products. Custom Orthotics, while more expensive, are designed for you based upon an impression of your foot. These impressions are sent, along with special […]

Start Your Child’s School Year Off on the Right Foot

With school season on the horizon, many parents are shopping for back-to-school items for their children. In addition to backpacks, notebooks, and pencils, it is important to make sure your child is wearing good, supportive shoes. If your child’s shoes are overly worn in any area, or are too tight in any area, it is time to […]