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What Does Michael Jordan and Blake Griffin Have In Common? Stress Fractures?!?

By Jeffrey Carlson, DPM Stress Fractures are actually very common in the sports world. Just before the 2009 NFL draft, where he was drafted as the 10th pick to the San Francisco 49ers, Michael Crabtree was diagnosed with a stress fracture to the left foot. The Boston Celtics’ Bill Walton has become a sort of guru to […]

Are Custom Orthotics Worth the Price?

Many people have reservations buying custom orthotics when they can purchase an inexpensive insole from the local drug store. I thought I’d talk about the available options, and the differences between the two products. Custom Orthotics, while more expensive, are designed for you based upon an impression of your foot. These impressions are sent, along with special […]

I’ve Got the Gout!

If you watch TV, you may remember a commercial from last year with the middle-aged gentleman carrying around a large vial partially filled with a green liquid.  The advertisement is for a new medication designed for the treatment and prevention (prophylaxis) of gout.   Uloric is the first medication to be approved by the FDA for gout […]