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Springtime Safety Tips from Catherine Carter, FNP-C

Springtime Safety Tips from Catherine Carter, FNP-C

It doesn’t matter how mild or fierce winter is, the first signs of spring bring an increase in activity in our community. Whether we are working in our yards, sprucing up our homes, or participating in an outdoor sport, everyone seems to be busy doing something. I’d like to say a quick word about being mindful for safety when participating in activities.

Equipment like lawn mowers, weed whackers, and all types of saws are loud and can throw debris. Loud noise from equipment like these can cause hearing loss over time, or the debris can enter the eye and cause irritation or damage. An easy way to avoid these types of injuries is to wear hearing protection (ear plugs or muffs) and safety eyewear; and don’t forget gloves to protect hand and fingers.

If outdoor sports are more your thing, a good stretch before activity can ward off annoying strains. Wearing an appropriate helmet is the simplest way to prevent a significant head injury when riding something with wheels. Helmet usage while horseback riding has increased in popularity.

A little mindfulness before diving into a project or activity may prevent an annoying or significant injury from occurring that can derail even the best of plans. If an injury should occur, we at the Urgent Care at Stansbury Springs are available 7 days a week to evaluate and treat injuries.

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