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Oh, the Pressure!

Oh, the Pressure!


By Catherine Carter, FNP at Urgent Care at Stansbury Springs

Sinusitis; that dreaded pressure felt in the cheeks, above the eyes, or even causing the upper teeth to ache. If you’ve had sinusitis you know that feeling like your face is going to fall off when you lean forward, or there is a loss of smell. It may be hard to breath, due to nasal obstruction and the drainage that never seems to quit.

Sinusitis can start with a virus, but can also be a reaction to allergens. In a short period of time the mucus can become sticky and can settle in the lower areas of the sinus where bacteria can flourish.

It’s not uncommon when someone talks about their symptoms of a sinus infection to mention that they had a cold and they thought they were getting better and then the sinus pressure and drainage worsened.

A sinus infection may require treatment. We at Urgent Care at Stansbury Springs are happy to evaluate your symptoms and decide with you the best course of treatment.

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