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Flu and Cold Season

Flu and Cold Season

Side view of sick woman having coffee on sofa in living room

With the Holiday here, we are reminded of another annual event: the beginning of cold and flu season. There may be a lot in life that we have limited control over, but we can control our immunity against influenza.

The flu vaccine is an important vaccine for everyone who is eligible to receive it annually. It not only protects the individual, but it may protect others who cannot receive the vaccine: infants under 6 months, those fighting cancer or other catastrophic diseases, and the elderly.

The two most common reasons I have heard people refuse the vaccine are: “I never get the flu” and “I get the flu when I get the vaccine”.  When a relatively healthy person gets the flu they are miserable for a few days, they get over it and go on with their life, but if a person with a poor immune system gets the flu it can become life-threatening. The healthy individual can protect others by ensuring they receiving the vaccine.

You cannot get the flu from the injectable vaccine; it is not live vaccine. A person can feel a little under the weather while experiencing a normal immune response to the vaccine, as you can with other vaccines, but it is not Influenza. Previous vaccines have been made with live virus and yes potentially that could lead to active disease, but the current vaccine is inactive.

If you do get the flu or a cold, protect your community. Stay home, drink fluids ,and rest.

Stansbury Urgent Care has the flu vaccine available and we are open 7 days a week for our community.